The Prodigal's Advocate Participant's Companion



Doors of Destiny Traveler's Companion



Jesus often spoke in parables. The Gospels contain at least 45 of these stories. 
Stories are memorable!

This Traveler’s Companion is a 12 week study
that can be used personally and in group settings. 
What makes this experience unique is that while it digs deep into the foundations of Christian faith it also follows along with the book, Doors of Destiny: A Choice Orb Tale by R.D. Fierro.

Delve deeper into the biblical treasures that lie within the Advocate's kingdom.  In twelve chapters perfect for group or individual use, this participant's companion shines a bright light on gems of faith hidden in the book by  R.D. Fierro.

   "Even though the steps we take and the stairs we climb seem ordinary, and our feet still remain in flesh, nonetheless, we journey forward into eternity. As with any journey,  our destination – our eternity - will be affected by the choices we make along the way."   

         ~ Chapter 1, Journeys

Combine your love of reading with your desire to grow in faith!