• Prayer-Adoration of Father2:04
  • Prayer-Holy Spirit3:03
  • Prayer Song of God1:54

The Anthology includes 100 written prayers which glorify God and ask for His powerful aid in subjects like: Adoration, Confession, Family, Friends, Meals, Meetings, Special Occasions, Holidays, Work place, Finances, School, Military, and Ministry. Use this book for inspiration when praying or as a guide when praying publicly.
"Just reading through these prayers draws my eyes heavenward and lifts my spirit toward our Mighty God."Type your paragraph here.

Purposeful Prayers

Seeking to Pray Like Jesus

Prayer can rescue the lost, heal the sick, and transform lives, yet many people don’t feel comfortable or

“well-equipped” to pray.
This book is a tender tool that deepens your understanding of why and how we pray and gives you the confidence and practice to pray both privately and publicly.

R.D. Fierro comes alongside as an encouraging friend. With an arm around your shoulder, he directs your eyes heavenward and suddenly the burden you felt about praying transforms into the natural response when encountering God."

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Purposeful Prayers Volume 1 

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This album contains faith filled, reverent prayers on subjects important to worship and freedom. They cover a variety of topics including prayers of adoration for God, the safety of soldiers and first responders, and for wisdom and guidance for public leaders. The prayers will help listeners of all ages express profound spiritual longings while growing in their love and knowledge of their faith.