Crystal Sea Books is an independent Christian publishing company. 
We believe a story is  more than entertainment, a story is a journey that your mind and soul takes. Crystal Sea's purpose is to glorify the one true God through the publication and promotion of literary works that illuminate minds, refresh souls, and edify spirits.

Our Team         We're not famous, but our Boss is!

 Darlene Melcher/ writer and designer: 
Lives in North Carolina with her family. When she isn't writing, chasing kids or sipping tea, she likes to garden or read. An award winner for the NC Literary Magazine competition and contributor to local newspapers.
She has been working with graphic design since 1996 and a blogger since 2009.

R.D. Fierro/ founder and writer:
This West Point graduate is embarking on a new adventure in life after five years in the Army and twenty-five plus years of working for state and local governments in Florida. He enjoys the relaxed pace, four seasons, and rural spaces of north Florida while he fondly remembers the days when he could eat spicy hot wings.

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