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Same great novel with added easy-reference end notes pertaining to the ideas, concepts and quotes within The Prodigal's Advocate. 

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What awaits the Prodigal in eternity?

.What price must the bears pay to keep their arctic land aglow and push back the darkness stalking their land and creeping in their minds? This lyrical tale will draw you in verse, by verse and illuminate your soul. This is a trilogy of tales filled with the strength of kindness and the perseverance of enduring love.



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By R.D. Fierro

A tiny hand reaches for a gleaming round orb and so begins the first journey of the Choice Orb Tales. 
Four ordinary children could never have imagined where their walk in the woods would take them or what would lie beyond the next door. 

The Golden Tree Tales


By R.D. Fierro

What happens after you die? The Prodigal must face the ultimate question twice. 
The Guardians issue warnings. The Adversary wants to crush him. His trumpet sounds.
One Without Shadow has summoned him to the blue flame of the Sovereign's Mark.

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Doors of Destiny

A sinister shadow  creeps over the snow-sleepy town.

​​The Prodigal's Advocate

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          Readers be warned! Choice Orbs are still scatted about the planet of men. Just about anyone might stumble across one and be caught up in a journey... You never know what may lie beyond the next door, or the next page!

Doors of Destiny Annotated

Same great novel with scripture footnotes and insights from the author. 


 Special Edition with over 350 Scripture references!