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Purposeful Prayers Anthology: 

Faith, Community & Nation

     By R.D. Fierro

We are pleased to announce the release of our first audio book. This fully-dramatized, poetic tale intrigues young and old alike. Set in a mythical tundra, Komari must face the the terror of shadows as she protects the Golden Tree. 

Rumor has it that another Choice Orb has been found and the journey of Triumphant Passage is sure to sweep you up in a life-changing adventure!

This book will not provide any magic words, formulas, or tips. This book is designed to help people – all people – start to find the right words.

Prayer for Individual Salvation
Prayer for Persecuted Christians
Prayer for Christian Missionaries
Prayer for an Unbelieving Husband
Prayer When Making a Decision About Marriage
Prayer for Our Minister
Prayer for When Money is Tight
Prayer for the Nation
& other topics.

Our team has been working diligently to develop exciting audio book versions of The Prodigal's Advocate and Doors of Destiny. We are currently mixing the sound and voice talents together. Look for Audio Books Soon!


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