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Rumor has it that another Choice Orb has been found and the journey of Triumphant Passage is sure to sweep you up in a life-changing adventure!

~ Purposeful Prayers: Seeking to Pray Like Jesus

~ Purposeful Prayers Anthology: Family & Community
     By R.D. Fierro

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. 
Explore more fully what the Bible says about prayer, the One to whom we pray, when prayers are answered yes or no, and what part prayer has in our relationship with our Advocate. 
A 30~Day Study of Biblical Prayer. 


Our team has been working diligently to develop exciting audio book versions of The Prodigal's Advocate and Doors of Destiny. We are currently mixing the sound and voice talents together. Look for Audio Books Soon!


David Rich

Recording the part of Defender for Doors of Destiny.
A former West Point athlete and Army officer David was a real life defender before bringing life to the book's sword wielding angel. David also gave a voice to Eli for The Prodigal's Advocate identifying closely with the role of being a mentor and counselor to someone needing wisdom. David has worked with a large number of young men and women from North Florida assisting them with gaining entry into West Point and providing essential support as they took their own place in the long line of the nation's guardians.